#SmallSpace Tip No. 1

Among all the small space advice I can give, this is my no. 1 - Live what you love. First and foremost, when it comes to small space living, one must identify with what they surround themselves with. There is only so much space so you might as well fill it with the things that make you smile. 

Beyond that, you want to make sure that how your space functions matches that as well. Meaning if you are an entertainer, layout your space with seating and a flow that allows for that. If you love to cook, focus on making the kitchen the central hub. Perhaps you'd love to bring your yoga practice out of the studio and into your home from time to time; put your furniture on castors so you can roll then away and roll out your mat. Whatever the case, your place should reflect who you are and function for what you love!  Live what you love.

Home with One Partition

Wow! It's the first Monday in March. Time just seems to be flying by! Feels like New Years was just  last week. Besides the blistering cold here in Toronto, I have no complaints. The sun does find it's way out every now and again, I am working on a new kitchen project that I can't wait to share with you all and the Eight Hundred Sq. Ft. art collection will be rolling out soon! * Nike doing her little dance of joy* So excited for you to be a part of the great things taking place at Eight Hundred Sq. Ft.!

In the spirit of excitement, let's start this month off with this gorgeous 570 square foot small space of the week. It may not be apparent at first glance, but this beautiful light filled space is completely partition-less except for one sliding wall the exposes the stunning bedroom/bathroom combination.

By removing all the walls in this tiny second floor apartment, the home owners were able to create a space that floods with natural light and appears larger than it really is. Free flowing in an open concept design, the space flows from living to dining to the earthy sleeping quarters and into the bathroom which is located in the hallway! 

I am amazed by how simple yet beautifully done this space is. Incorporating touches of nature and bold elements like the over-sized print of legendary actor Paul Newman, this space takes the win for the week and is added to our collection of small space beauties.

Have a great Monday Small Space Dwellers and here's to a wonderful March!

Photo Source: MiCasa

Fashion + Decor = Ethnic Flare

It's Friday!!! For some reason this week seemed particularly long. I mean Tuesday felt like it should have been Thursday and Friday seems like it lost its way finding today. In any case, I am glad it's Friday and figured a bit of fashion would be in order.

Every so often I like to show how fashion and decor imitate each other in this lovely game of copycat. Months ago I stumble upon PASHIONALITY, a fashion blog of the gorgeous Patricia De Nascimento; a Brazilian blogger currently living in Switzerland as she shares her passion for fashion art and culture. Her beauty and style sense were are so captivating, I have become a regular visitor of her blog.

It was delightful and I couldn't help but share this fashion + decor match between her August 24th 2012 summer look and the fabulous dining room of Andrea Millar that I came across on The Design Files. This Rozelle home, already beautifully decorated with vintage artwork, sunday school benches and a wonderful Morrocan lantern, makes a huge statement with this beautiful pink and purple ethnic printed rug. An equally grand statement in the eye catching Zara skirt that Patricia is so beautifully rocking!

Once again fashion and decor dance gracefully. Here is to fashion, decor and a fantastic Friday!

Photo Source: Pashionality and The Design Files

Eight Hundred Sq. Ft. Loves Simplicity Sofa

The Megan Collection

A while back I came across Simplicity Sofa through a random act of social media serendipity and was immediately drawn because of their tag line; Furniture that F.I.T.S. (Furniture for Tight Spaces). Custom built upholstered furniture designed for small spaces and tight places.  I knew right away that this would be the start of hours of perusing through their website to see what timbits of small space goodness they had to offer. Then I laid my eyes on their Megan Collection. A perfectly classic rolled armed beauty.  One of those pieces that has versatility written all over it. 

I've never been one to swoon over a rolled arm but I couldn't help but appreciate Megan's elegance. She F.I.T.S in small spaces but also F.I.T.S into any style. I personally would pair Megan with a room filled with ethnic flare and let natural woods, fabrics and industrial pops marry with her allure.  I would accessorize her boldly and let her set soothe the tone.

Nike's Megan Accessory Choices

Definitely swing by Simplicity Sofa to check out the other small spaces options they have. Perhaps you will fall in love with another collection. You can also find them on Facebook and can enter to win one of their custom built pieces valued at $1000!

Have a great day ahead Small Space Dwellers and good luck with the Simplicity Sofa Giveaway!

All Accessories from: Anthropologie

House of Collections

Happy Monday Small Space Dwellers! I'm hoping you had a magnificent weekend with a little rest and a lot of beauty! For this small space pick of the week, we take a trip out to Madrid once again to this particularly charming apartment. Equally divided between a personality of the past and a modern outlook, this small space is a definite looker.

The house of collections takes the award for being the biggest small space of the week thus far at just over 1000 sq. ft., but it was definitely one that I had to share with you. I especially love this space because the passion for furniture and objects of the past resonate with me. Even the new elements like the leather sofa was chosen with an antiques finish. I can't help but appreciate the life that has been put in to this space by filling it with beautiful stories (and pieces) of the past.

Heres to small spaces with an antique flair!

Source: Mi Casa
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