The Perfect Small Entryway

Hello Small Space Dwellers! It's great to be back from the long weekend. My gears have been turning for the past week on what to do to freshen up my entryway. When I first bought my place the entryway was the basic all white everything. I couldn't help but jazz it up with a painted door, extra moulding, wall mounted organizer (for mail and my keys), large scale art, and a sexy chair.This got me thinking of the elements that make the perfect small entryway.

In most small spaces the entryway is the last area that gets decorated, although one of the most important places. The entrance marks the transition from the outside world to our private quarters. Realize it or not it is the place where we pause for the briefest of moments to reflect as we shed the layers (and cares) of the public life before entering our home. So making the entryway both functional and beautiful is quite important!

There are 4 fundamental elements that should be in every small entryway:

1. The Landing Strip - A place for keys, mail and various items you unload as you enter your space.
2. Mirror - For the quick glance as you are headed out the door.
3. Storage - No explanation
4. Accents - Your entryway is the first this that is seen as people enter your home, It should be a reflection of you and what wonders are in store in the rest of your home!

Try it! These are all quick additions make make so much of a difference! Be sure to shares. I always love hearing from you!

Picture Sources: Fifi Cheek, The Home Made Home, The Everygirl


  1. Love #2 & #3. You make me not want to get rid of anything old.
    Keep the inspirational flow going Nike

  2. Love #1 that peach color table is really pretty!

  3. gorgeous! I've been searching for the perfect mirror to complete my entryway but haven't found it yet!

    {love jenny xoxo}

  4. I love these ideas... Very well designed!

  5. Oh my, I need to pin some of these ideas for when I get a house someday. You always have the greatest tips-these are gorgeous!

  6. this is so amazing! i love the ideas too, especially the second one, it's so classy and make the place looks elegant! great post :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO

  7. Jacquie Young-Sterling25 February 2013 at 11:09

    My entryway has me stumped!! Want to help me with a before and after??

  8. Love this! I really need to do something in our bland apartment entryway. It's hard because there's a coat closet (used as such and pantry) immediately to the right, and only a small space behind the door; no place for a landing strip. Hmm... you have me thinking.

  9. really useful, tried it, and the formula works!


I always love hearing from you!

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