Small Spaces: Stylish 350 Sq. Ft. Studio Apartment

This is a perfect display of stylish living in a small space! I love seeing great design but I especially love seeing great design in the tinniest of spaces. It's almost like we are a whole community of small space dwellers trying to inject life into these boxes that we live in! This 350 sq. ft. studio apartment, designed by Joel Bray, shows how a studio apartment can be transformed into a fabulous home by being sectioned in to functional areas. Seating for 4, a nice cozy "bedroom" and a perfectly sized kitchen. What else can you ask for? Not to mention he's done it with impeccable style. Joel also uses great tricks to make the studio feel spacious, like the cohesive colour palette and the use of dual function furniture. This makes me feel like moving into a studio apartment just to see what I can do with it!

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  1. I like Joel Bray's tips for saving up space. The way he set up that little apartment looks pretty neat except that old trunk in the middle of the living room. For me it looks out of place and doesn't blend in with the rest of the furniture. Perhaps a newer one will be more appropriate.

    Thanks for sharing Nike!

  2. Thats what I need :) I have 70 ft sq. apartment (Europe) that need to style, everything is quite simple expect the bathroom heh... nightmare. It's so small, that I had too resign from having a bath and leave only shower :) In the bathroom will put a huge mirror on whole wall and shelf up next to the roof. Need to have as many shelfs as I can to have space to keep things organized. I found a great Kraus Glass Sink that I adore so much! But in Europe we don't have Kraus products ay idea of something alternative? I would appreciate an answer so much :) Of course everything in the apartment will keep in white color so will make optically larger then it is :) Thanks for tips and sharing Joel :) Cheers!

  3. i actually love this apartment. great use of space

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