#SSSSS - Six Sexy Shoe Storage Solutions

For the past couple of months I have been itching to change my front hall closet. Currently I have one of those builder basic closets with the sliding glass mirrors and I just feel like the space could be featured in a better way. I've been thinking about how I would store all that currently live is that closet, including my shoes and found some AWESOME shoe storage solutions along my internet travels. We will have to see what becomes of my dreaded front all closet, but in the meantime enjoy these #sssss six sexy shoe storage solutions.

Shoe Cabinet


Box it - Tag it

Wall Mounted

On the Ladder

Feature Them

Yes, I know...lol. The last one is not at all practical, but it is so damn cute I had to share. Needless to say. This is a great way of using what you have as art. :)

Have a great day #SSD (Small Space Dwellers)


  1. My obsession, shoes! I love the china cupboard with heels, that's one of my faves!

    Rachel Ashley

    1. I personally love the sliding shoe-case... Perfect for small spaces <3



  2. With all these sexy shoe storage ideas I'm gonna have to go out and buy some more shoes! lol

  3. shoe storage can also involve creative designs which some users will appreciate.


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