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Wow! It's the first Monday in March. Time just seems to be flying by! Feels like New Years was just  last week. Besides the blistering cold here in Toronto, I have no complaints. The sun does find it's way out every now and again, I am working on a new kitchen project that I can't wait to share with you all and the Eight Hundred Sq. Ft. art collection will be rolling out soon! * Nike doing her little dance of joy* So excited for you to be a part of the great things taking place at Eight Hundred Sq. Ft.!

In the spirit of excitement, let's start this month off with this gorgeous 570 square foot small space of the week. It may not be apparent at first glance, but this beautiful light filled space is completely partition-less except for one sliding wall the exposes the stunning bedroom/bathroom combination.

By removing all the walls in this tiny second floor apartment, the home owners were able to create a space that floods with natural light and appears larger than it really is. Free flowing in an open concept design, the space flows from living to dining to the earthy sleeping quarters and into the bathroom which is located in the hallway! 

I am amazed by how simple yet beautifully done this space is. Incorporating touches of nature and bold elements like the over-sized print of legendary actor Paul Newman, this space takes the win for the week and is added to our collection of small space beauties.

Have a great Monday Small Space Dwellers and here's to a wonderful March!

Photo Source: MiCasa


  1. The small spaces you feature are just breath taking and so beautiful! This space screams glamour and you don't even realize its a small space!

    Rachel Ashley

  2. I love everything about this space! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it! Love that oversized photo of Paul Newman. I still can't believe how many fab features can be squeezed into such small spaces!

  4. I love everything about this space! Especially that couch, I'm a huge fan of sectionals (I have one myself)

  5. Love it.. All looks fabulous and you have shared great ideas to feature the small spaces in a perfect way. I found great ideas to increase space for my home and love the bathroom or choice of color. Thanks a lot for this beneficial read.


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