Fashion + Decor = Ethnic Flare

It's Friday!!! For some reason this week seemed particularly long. I mean Tuesday felt like it should have been Thursday and Friday seems like it lost its way finding today. In any case, I am glad it's Friday and figured a bit of fashion would be in order.

Every so often I like to show how fashion and decor imitate each other in this lovely game of copycat. Months ago I stumble upon PASHIONALITY, a fashion blog of the gorgeous Patricia De Nascimento; a Brazilian blogger currently living in Switzerland as she shares her passion for fashion art and culture. Her beauty and style sense were are so captivating, I have become a regular visitor of her blog.

It was delightful and I couldn't help but share this fashion + decor match between her August 24th 2012 summer look and the fabulous dining room of Andrea Millar that I came across on The Design Files. This Rozelle home, already beautifully decorated with vintage artwork, sunday school benches and a wonderful Morrocan lantern, makes a huge statement with this beautiful pink and purple ethnic printed rug. An equally grand statement in the eye catching Zara skirt that Patricia is so beautifully rocking!

Once again fashion and decor dance gracefully. Here is to fashion, decor and a fantastic Friday!

Photo Source: Pashionality and The Design Files


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