House of Collections

Happy Monday Small Space Dwellers! I'm hoping you had a magnificent weekend with a little rest and a lot of beauty! For this small space pick of the week, we take a trip out to Madrid once again to this particularly charming apartment. Equally divided between a personality of the past and a modern outlook, this small space is a definite looker.

The house of collections takes the award for being the biggest small space of the week thus far at just over 1000 sq. ft., but it was definitely one that I had to share with you. I especially love this space because the passion for furniture and objects of the past resonate with me. Even the new elements like the leather sofa was chosen with an antiques finish. I can't help but appreciate the life that has been put in to this space by filling it with beautiful stories (and pieces) of the past.

Heres to small spaces with an antique flair!

Source: Mi Casa

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  1. Happy Monday! This is probably one of my favorite small spaces!!! This apartment is just beautiful and it looks like you could sink right into those chairs and that couch. I love how the designer mixed the glamour of antiques with new more modern pieces!

    Rachel Ashley


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