Christmas Tree (and Alternative) Ideas for Small Spaces

Every year I put my small white christmas tree up during the first weekend of December without fail. It never really occurred to me that there there would be such dismay with small space decorating but  lately I've been hearing complaints about the limitations with small space holiday decorating. Generally it is the same 'lack of space' proclamation. Well I am here to put a stop to it! There will always be space constraints... we are small space dwellers... AND PROUD TO BE! The key is to find a way to do what it is that we what to do in our space regardless of the size. So here I offer you 8 christmas tree (and alternative) ideas for small spaces!

Chalkboard Tree

Decorated Chandelier 

Decorate Your Furniture

The Tall and Skinny Tree Cluster

Put Your Ornaments in the Spotlight 

Branch Out for the Holidays

The Wall Mounted Family Tree Alternative

The Table Top Tree


  1. I love all these ideas! They are all so pretty! Extra Christmas bulbs can always be used for wreaths or throw in a big glass jar, for easy holiday decor! I just love this time of year, all those pics make me so happy!

    Rachel Ashley

    1. You're AWESOME Ash! Thanks for sharing your holiday cheer!!




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