Setting the Bar

With the holiday season just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about entertaining and cocktail parties. Every year around this time I always find I have an increased urge to entertain and fill my home with people that love and laugh with. This always brings up the question of what to serve and how to stock the bar and because I don't drink much I always resort to BYFD (Bring Your Favourite Drink) themes.

Funny thing is that although I don't drink much (except for a couple shots of Baileys in my hot chocolate during the winter season), I still have a bar in my place.  It has now become this running joke amongst my friends and family of why this non-drinker has this dedicated bar space. I just love the way it looks especially fitted with vintage flasks and flowers.

If you are wishing you could including a bar in your holiday decor vignette but never though you could because of space constraints here are some simple ideas of how to make it happen.

Use Trays or Low Set Containers

Stock Your Closet

By fitting your closet with a desk or some cabinets you instantly have a bar in you space.

Built-in Bar

Stock your Table or TV Tray

Bar Cabinets

The Beloved Bar Cart

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  1. I love this! May I use some of the pictures from this post in my blog sometime in the future? I'll refer to you.
    Great blog, I'll go onto read the 'dresser turned bar' post now!


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