BE Bold, BE Funky

Today is my little sister's birthday! She is the very essence of BOLD and FUNKY, but her canvas is her body. She loves fashion and shows it from her head to her toe. I believe that whether your canvas is your body or your home, SHOW IT OFF. When you are working with a limited amount of space you might as well use it to its fullest potential!

Don't be afraid to let your home (or body) be an extension of yourself. Go ahead, wear those bright green cigarette pants you bought last week that has been hiding in your closet ever since; put up that crystal chandelier and paint your entry ways entry way midnight blue! It's all about how the things you surround yourself with make you fell.

So today I dedicate my post to bold design, funky fashion and the coolest chikita around! Happy Birthday Doyin! XOXO. Check her out on Live Free Fashion.

My Little Sister

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