Small Spaces: Small and Sophisticated in 580 sq. ft.

Arminé Tatosian, co-owner of AT Design Group, shows that good things come in small packages. Her tiny 580 sq. ft. apartment oozes glamor and sophistication. She fills her space with impact by choosing furniture that compliment her high ceiling, and visually expanding her windows with drapes. Every square inch of her apartment enhances her space both in style and functionality. 

I love her high tufted high back sofa and over scaled barrel light fixture over her dining table.  Definitely big style in a small space. Watch more videos at House & Home TV.

Have a great start to your week Small Space Dwellers!


  1. I can't believe how small her space is! I am not use to that kind of living, but it is so amazing to see how well she used her space!

    Rachel Ashley

    1. It took some getting use to... But know I can't see myself in anything but a small space :)


      -Nike O.


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