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For colour inspiration follow my Pinterest board Colour Inspiration or check out the AWESOME Design Seed website.

One question that I get a lot is "what is the right colour for my small space?" This is usually underlined with either a fear of colour or a fear that the colour chosen will make your already small space feel smaller. So let me help you take the fear out of it and share with you my motto on choosing a colour scheme for your home.

Step 1: Look For What You LOVE

When it comes to choosing a colour palette for your space, please start by removing yourself from the paint swatch aisles of your local hardware store and heading to the places and things (or people) that you love. Yes, the first place to start when selecting a colour palette is the places you love, because the secret is... There is no "right' colour for a small space". It is about how you want the room to feel, or better yet, how you want to feel in the room.

Maybe you absolutely love fashion; or you are an chef (or would like to think you are) and food gets your blood flowing; or you swoon at the sight of vintage or worn treasures like I do. Whether it is your closet or your kitchen, start there and select an element that is representative of it.

Inspiration for the your kitchen

Inspiration from your closet

Inspiration from vintage finds

Inspiration from that vacation in Provence

Step 2: Zone in on 5 Colours

Once you have selected the item, garment, or memory that brings you to your happy place, you want to zone in on 5 colours from it. Don't worry about whether they match or scare yourself if you find that there are colour outside of your comfort zone. The colours will naturally go together if your use then in the right way so don't fret. Let yourself be free to choose from within your element of inspiration.

Step 3: Decide Where to Put It

Now this is the scary part for most; deciding where to put the colours. Let's take the fear out of it and go back to how you want your space to feel. If you want your space to be bright and airy then choose the lighter colours in your 5 colour scheme as the base and put those colours on the larger elements in your space like your walls. Then use the other colours in the fabrics your choose or as accents. However, if you want your space to be vibrant, choose the more vibrant colours for the larger elements.

Remember that all colours work together when you put them together. Just repeat the colour choices in different elements throughout your space. Before you know it you would have created a space that you love and evokes the same wonderful feelings you get when you look at your element of inspiration.

For more colour inspiration follow my Pinterest board Colour Inspiration or check out the AWESOME Design Seed website.

Inspiration from the kitchen
Inspiration from you closet

Inspiration from vintage finds

Inspiration from that trip to Provence

Happy painting Small Space Dwellers!


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