The 4th Quarter - My Winter Decor Cycle

December 1st and my 4th decor change cycle is fast approaching! As I've mentioned before I update my decor four times a year with the seasons and with the temperature dropping I've been searching for what winter decor elements I can incorporate into my space this year. Last year I had an antiques silver and gold theme going with pops of purple. This year I'm not quite sure where I will take it; so if anyone out there can relieve my creative mind, do offer your suggestions and share your ideas! I would love to hear them!

I've already collected some great vintage finds that I will share with you all soon, but I still need to pull the whole winter decor palette together. So until then, here is a collage of awesome winter decor ideas I have found along my internet surfing travels.  You can also follow my 'Winter Decor' board on Pinterest for some more inspiration. Enjoy!


  1. Hey girl! I love all these pictures! I especially love the plaid scarf bow, what an adorable idea!

    Rachel Ashley

    1. Hey Ash! Isn't it great! Such a simple way to add some personality to your winter decor.




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