DIY: Spraying Backsplash

So when I moved into my place I hated my kitchen. The cabinets were this light peach colour which I painted dark brown the weekend I moved in (I couldn't last a week). Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the space then but I'm sure you can visualize the peace eyesore.

I wasn't excited about the backsplash and the floor tiles either but changing them was a project that I had to warm up to. One Friday evening, about 4 months back, I finally got the guts to change my backsplash. Now,  I didn't feel right about taking a hammer to the backsplash since the tile were in great condition. It was really only the colour that I didn't like. So I decided to spray them. A decision I wish I made years before! Love the results!!!

Kitchen before transformation

After giving the tiles a light sanding, I degreased and stubbed the tile down to get rid of any dirt. I then covered the cabinets and countertop with plastic and started priming. If you are going to try this make sure wear a mask and ventilate your space by opening windows and door. Safety first! I recommend using Restoleum spray primer. Take your time when spraying and use light even strokes. You need to build light lighters of paint, letting each layer dry in-between. If you are too aggressive with the nozzle and spray too much you can get bubbles or runs in the paint. Not a look you want to have.

I then used the same technique while using Restoleum Painter's Touch white semi-gloss spray paint. It is important to make sure that the primer has fully dried before moving on the this step. If you don't you risk the the primer bubbling up in you.

You will have to go over the tiles a couple times to make sure that that you haven't missed anything and to ensure that you get an even finish. Once you are finished BE VERY CAREFUL while peeling off the tape. For the best results I would score the tape with an exacto knife to make sure you don't peel off all your hard work with the tape.

I finished off by caulking the countertop-backsplash junction point with clear caulking just to make sure everything was sealed in.  Here is the finished product! (Note: this picture was taken weeks later after painting the cabinets a Cracked Pepper Grey and painting the back wall in Chinchilla White. Let me know how your own backsplash venture goes!

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