Small Space Solutions - 8 Rules for Stylish Living in 800 Sq. Ft.

Rule No. 1 - Put Your Apartment on a Diet. There is nothing that can make your space feel smaller and more cramped than clutter. The first rule for big style in a small space is to put your space on a diet. Declutter, donate and get organized! This alone will help you find space you might have forgotten you had.

Rule No. 2 - Eliminate Obstacles. In a small space an unobstructed view really helps in creating an open and airy environment. If possible you want to be able to stand in the middle of the room and have a clear view around you. Furniture that is unintentionally oversize instantly cuts your visual square footage and makes your space feel smaller.

Rule No. 3 - Wear Your Size. Like fashion, you can never look your best if your cloths are choking you or you are choking your cloths. Fit is everything! Make sure to fill your space with the right size furniture. Small-scale functional furniture is the key.

Rule No. 4 - Use Multi-functional Furniture. There are so many cleaver products on the market today that are geared towards small space living. Incorporating pieces in your home that have more than one function is one of the most effective space saving tricks. It can be as simple as an ottoman with storage or more creative ideas like a picture doubling as a dining table.

Rule No. 5 - Show Off Your Legs. Incorporate leggy furniture into your home. Furniture with legs, as opposed to furniture sitting directly on the ground, creates the illusion of more space because it allows you to see under it. It is the same principle as eliminating obstacles. It helps with opening up not your visual square footage.

Rule No. 6 - Go Vertical. We tend to forget about how much space we have above us. I say, if you can't move outward, move upward. Take advantage of your vertical space by adding floor to ceiling 'anything' in your space. Picture frames, shelving, bookcases... they not only create impact but they also draw the eye up.

Rule No. 7 - Lights, Mirrors and Glass. Adding lights, mirrors and glass to your home will do wonders in expanding your small dwelling. The transparent and reflective surfaces, will add another dimension and inject a bit of shine in your space.

Rule No. 8 - Be Bold. Be Creative. Don't forget that this is your home! Whether it is oversized art or turning your closet into an office, venture out with no fear and leave your personality on your walls. Live large fellow small space dwellers!


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