Fall Colour Trend. Not Just for Fashion!

I always find that when September hits not only do the brightly coloured hues of summer fashion leave us for another year, but so does the fresh pops of colour on the home decor front. If you really take note you can see a strong correlation between fashion and home decor. The same colour trends seem to pop in fashion and interior design from season to season. It is like the two are close cousins in a family where intermingling is highly encouraged.

While perusing Pantone's website to get some colour inspiration in preparation of my quarterly home redecoration, I came across Pantone's Fall 2012 Fashion Color Trend Report.

There are a few yummy colours that wouldn't just look great in my closet but in my home. Anyone who knows me know that I love grey, so the featured titanium is a definite favourite. I'm also loving the honey gold, pink flambé and rose smoke. I have no doubt that these will find a way into my 800 sq. ft. in the next couple of weeks!

So in the spirit of fall fashion, I left you some timbits of some gorgeous jackets, trenches and dresses you can expect to see this season and some fabulous fall decorating pallets for your home.

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