550 Sq. Ft. NYC "Swiss Army Apartment"

Hey All! I wanted to share with you this lovely Chelsea apartment. It's the beautiful, 550 square foot home of Rosa and Robert Garneau. The functionality and versatility of their space is maxed out to its fullest potential. Since they both work from home they had no choice but to make their apartment work for them and did so by creating privacy with sliding walls.

Nearly every wall in the Garneau's loft opens up to reveal a hidden function; cabinets, a bed and a home office. They even added hydraulics legs to their multi-purpose kitchen island (also used for work) so that it can be lowered for dining! I can't forget to mention that there is storage everywhere - under the sofa and even behind the wall in the bathroom where they house their hidden laundry hamper.

This space is amazing and an example of a small space done to perfection! Check out the video to see a full documentation of this Swiss Army Knife Apartment.


Photo Source: Dwell


  1. Wow, what a place. So many neat parts to it.

  2. This place is awesome! I love how he used every square inch of his apartment, amazing what you can do in small spaces.

  3. I'm actually in awe. They have gotten the maximum utilization of every inch of this place, and it looks phenomenal at the same time!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  4. such really great ideas. but i'm also in awe at the execution because it's one thing to have a thing in mind and then another to translate it into reality. they've definitely done a good job here.


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