Meredith Heron Design: Fort York Condo

Good morning Small Space Dwellers! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend! I spent mine getting some much needed rest and catching up with friends and family. While visiting a friend I was asked the question, "Who is your favourite Torontonian designer?". I had to think hard for a few minutes. Nobody readily came to mind... I mean, I love the designers in my city but there was no one single designer that popped up. So when I got home I got on my computer and got to searching. I still can't say that I have a favourite but I found a good handful of designers that inspire me. One of which is Meredith Heron. She has an elegant way of putting a space together while never forgetting to add subtle pops of unexpected interest. Take a look at a Fort York 1 bedroom condo she designed that was featured in HGTV's Small Space Photo Gallery.  


  1. This unit is beautiful - the interior, furniture, everything. An ideal home.

  2. Love the white design, plus the interior design looks elegant for a small spaces. Thanks for sharing!


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