Decorating My 800 Sq. Ft. for the Holidays

Happy Monday All! 15 days until Christmas!!

I love this time of year! Festivities, time with loved ones and great food. What more can you ask for. This weekend I started by making apple cider (well boiling water and throwing in 2 tsp of the cider mix), gluing my television to back to back holiday movie channel and putting up my Christmas decorations. For a couple weeks now I've been eyeing this gorgeous white feather tree but decided not to get it. I already have 3 trees (two of which are in storage) and to buy a fourth would be pushing it. I also have enough ornaments to decorate a small village. Well maybe not a small village, but more than what sees the light during the holiday season. So no new ornaments either this year. I did however pick up these great metal gift boxes from our favourite second hand store, the double V, and a metal deer head with antlers. This year I am carried my fall browns and caramels into winter and added sparkle with gold and silver accents.

I always a few things here and there as Christmas approaches but I share with you some of my weekend decoration additions. Hope you like!


I always love hearing from you!

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