BUSTED: 4 Small Space Myths

As I have been taking this small space journey, it has also been a realization about the myths of what you can and cannot do with a small space. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't like the words 'can't'. That word just shouldn't exist. There is always a CAN, you just have to know HOW... WHEN... and perhaps WHERE. Same rule should apply when it comes to small spaces!

So I have decided to expose the lies and bring you the top 4 Small Space Myths.

Myth No. 1 - Don't Use Large Furniture

When it comes to small spaces it should not be about avoiding large furniture but about finding the RIGHT sized furniture for your space. It is far better to have the fewest number of larger scale pieces than many small items because fulling your space with too many pieces will make it feel clutter. Choose the largest sized pieces that fit your space. So this might mean buying that six foot sofa you've been eyeing and simply complimenting it with one small scale armchair. Just use this in moderation. Introduce large pieces in small quantities.

Myth No. 2 - Living Small Means Living with Very Little

Living small simply means living in a smaller square footage than others; that's it! Most small space dwellers I know have tons of stuff (*cough* *cough* I will not expose myself here...lol). Living in a small space does not mean that you have to live as a minimalist. Feel free! Fill your space with the things you love!

Oh... wait! Maybe I should put the breaks on that last statement. Yes, over filling your space will make any home look small whether it is 800 sq. ft. or 3000 sq. ft., so understand that I am not talking about fulling your space with clutter but rather learning how to really use your space and create a stylish and resourceful home. Find creative ways to incorporate your loved items into your decor/the design of space by using walls, creating zones and using scale and balance.

Myth No. 3 - Only Use Neutral Colors

Of course, light colours can help a room feel bright and airy, but this does not mean that small space dwellers should limit themselves to only neutral or even commit to neutral colours on larger impact items like walls or furniture.  Pops of colour bring personality to a space and make it feel anything but small. Don't be afraid to use colour, just make sure your find a balance that works in your space.

Myth No. 4 - Avoid Pattern

Now this couldn't be more wrong! Pattern does not make a room feel smaller any more than colour does. It's not the use of pattern that matters but how the pattern is used. When decorating with multiple patterns in a small space try to work with patterns that link together. Meaning work with patterns that either have similar colour scheme or print. Then use one of the colour in the print to anchor on the wall or rug. It's an easy way to build a dynamic small space.


  1. I love that you cracked all these myths! Great post girl!

    Rachel Ashley

    1. Thanks Rachel Fashionably Living!




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