Suitcase Side Table

Since I decided to give my bedroom a refresher I have been looking for a side table that would compliment the style of my room. I wanted something atypical. I thought may be an old vintage metal stool or a thrift find might do the trick but they didn't end up having the look I was going for.

I finally decided to go with a piece that I had made for the Blackout Fest Art show that I was a part of this summer. It added the unique collected vibe to my bedside that I was craving!

I sprayed the suitcase with Restoleum Clear Coat to seal the case and give it a bit of a shine. If you are trying to replicate this I would suggest covering any leather with painters tape to protect it and giving the case two coats of a clear spray paint.

I found these legs on an old table at the Goodwill thrift store by my Mom's place. I only wanted the legs from the table and didn't want to have to haul the whole thing to my car so I asked the store clerk if I could purchase the piece and just remove the legs. For $6 I thought it was worth it! The man thought I was crazy when I pull out my Fuller Switch-A-Bit Screwdriver from my purse and got to

Unique and functional. The case also still opens up and provides a bit of storage for me to stash things away. I'm loving it so far. Let me know what you think!


  1. Nice job! Love what you did with the suitcase!

    1. Thanks Angela! GREAT finds on your blog. Definitely a place for 800 Sq. Ft. readers to find awesome vintage items.

      Check out fellow small space dwellers. It's great <3


      Nike O.


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