The Woman Behind the Knot

I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Amy Hostelley, founder and owner of Golden Gray -Decorative and Nautical Knot Decor.

Amy's knot decor is truly unique and like nothing I have ever seen before! I was instantly drawn to Amy's work. Hand tied nautical sailor's knots displayed on either eye-catching framed fabric or decorative wood pieces. After meeting her I realized that her work is truly a refection of herself. Get to know "The Women Behind the Knot".

How did Golden Gray Start?

A: Golden Gray started by accident actually! The name became before the business. I started designing and making jewellery casually and at one point I decided that I needed to make a name for my business. Now, before I was married my last name was Gray and I've always liked the combination of silver and gold jewellery. After much thought and contemplation I decided to use a play on words and called the business Golden Gray.

The concept of the decor business started because of Mother's Day when I was looking for gift ideas for my Mother and Mother-in-law. While I was roaming the aisless of Micheals I found an unfinished wooden picture frame cube that was perfect for incorporating pictures of my son. I picked it up and thought this would be perfect with painted and topped off with something. Now, I am addicted to Pinterest and remembered a pin that I had pinned ages ago that showed you how to tie these sailors knots. So I bought some rope and topped the painted box with a decorative nautical knot. Needless to say the little photo box was a hit! That little painted box was the inspiration for Golden Gray.

Where do you look for inspiration to develop new pieces?

A: A big inspiration for me is the beach and nautical inspired decor. I live about 3 hrs away from the beach and many times I pull inspiration from the colours, feel, and textures of the beach. But although the beach is a huge inspiration for me, I really pull inspiration from everywhere. There are time when I've seen gorgeous fabrics that I have been inspired by and know that it would look great framed and paired with a knot.

What is your best seller?

A: The best seller is easily my simplest design. It is the 7 x 7 wooden blue painted plaque with the plain nautical knot mounted on it. I think it it is the go to look because it is so versatile. You can put that piece in a beach house but you can also put it in a house in Kansas in the middle of nowhere and make it work in any decor because of its simplicity.

What is your favourite piece?

A: For a long time my classic 7 x 7 plain blue plaque mounted piece that I just spoke about was my favourite piece but I recently may have found a new favourite in a pieces that has just debuted in my Etsy shop. It is the Green Fern Floral Framed Fabric piece. It is just stunning with a gorgeous green and sleek white that pops and catches your eye.

What are 5 things Eight Hundred Sq. Ft. Readers should know about you?

  1. I am the proudest Mommy in the entire world
  2. Family is hands down the most important thing in my world and my top priority. Without family there is nothing.
  3. I am extremely passionate and when I go for something I go for it full speed because I believe that we only live once so let's make the best that we can and put passion into it. 
  4. I am crazy organized, borderline obsessively organized. Don't think I can be organized enough and think that I need to organize my organization. If you didn't notice, I love organization. 
  5. My guilty pleasure in life it to just layout on the beach with a good book and just bake (although I know you are not supposed to). 

You can purchase Golden Gray Decor at her Online shop. Also follow Amy Hostelley and Golden Gray on Facebook and Twitter at @AmyHostelley and @GoldenGrayDecor or by clicking this Facebook Link.

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