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A couple weekends ago I looked at the wall behind my television and thought to myself, "That wall needs a little something extra". This is usually how my ideas start - me looking around my apartment and letting my creative gears go wild. It's now become the running joke in my family.  My place is never the same when my family comes by. So yes! Once again I have decided to make another addition to my 800 sq. ft. canvas. A gallery wall!

Gallery walls are a great way to add impact and height to a small space. It relates back to rule no. 6 - Go Vertical - of my 8 Rules for Stylish Living in 800 Sq. Ft. Gallery walls, particularly ones that scale the wall and use vertical wall space, draw the eye upward and do an excellent job of expanding small spaces.

So as I was browsing the internet for inspiration, I found this awesome guide on alphaflores.com that walks you through different variations of gallery wall layouts. My personal favourite is the ' close fit ', but they are all great choices depending on where the gallery is going and what your personal taste is.

My gallery wall is still a work in progress, but I figure I'd give you a sneak peak of what I have added so far. I want to make sure that it is filled with pictures that I love and that it is also multidimensional. Meaning I want to incorporate objects on my wall along with my pictures. I'm thinking maybe another week or so and a visit to my favourite vintage shops for some interesting items and I'll be done. [Note: The 'Pant Collection' piece behind my television is a piece I found at a second hand shop that had come from The Gap.]

My wall before... blah and boring

My gallery wall now - In Progress

Here is some inspiration so that you can create your own gallery wall. You can also swing by my "Framsation Board" on Pinterest for a collection of stunning frame filled walls.

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  1. Love this! Working on my own gallery in my little home & just love the inspiration. Thank you!


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