Where, Oh Where Do I Go? - Chest of Drawers

A friend of mine gave me this really great chest of drawers a couple weeks back and I can't decide what i want to do with it. I posed the question to our Facebook friends on Eight Hundred Sq. Ft.'s Facebook page and there seems to be a trend forming. What do you think? Which of the six options inspires you? Let me know what you thing by leaving a comment here or on the Facebook page.

Option No. 1

Option No. 2

Option No. 3

Option No. 4

Option No. 5

Option No. 6


  1. I definitely like Option No. 1! Very Sophisticated!

  2. I say a combination of 1 & 2. The color of 1 and the knobs from 2 :) Can't wait to see it Nike!

  3. I live option no. 5. Do the black chalkboard paint for sure!


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