Hello! My name is Nike Onile and welcome to Eight Hundred Sq. Ft! This is a home decor blog dedicated to stunning makeovers, thrifty finds, inspirational ideas and the style journey of my 800 square foot canvas. I'm passionate about design and uncovering new life in second hand finds. I believe that budget should never compromise style, and space (or the lack there of) should never dictate grandeur. 

My work is that of new life and redefinition of function. I take second-hand items and look at them not as they were but for what they can become. I like working with the irregular. Using form to dictate function. 

When I look for a furniture piece, I look for something that I connect with; something with history and a story. In many ways I like to think that the piece chooses me and tells me what new life form it will take. I am simply the executor.

I do what I do because it brings me peace. It is truly the physical form of what lies within me. My art is my language. When people see my work I like for it to draw them in, allowing them to appreciate its previous form while accepting its new function.

I have always been artistic, expressing myself through different media – drawing, painting and sculpting. The emergence of my artistic expression through furniture surfaced as a means to fill my 800 sq.ft. apartment. Sourcing second-hand/thrifted items and redesigning them was the solution to turning my space into a gem on a budget. This solution has now led me on my journey.

With some paint, power tools and an open mind, come along for this home decor ride with me. 

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