Setting the Mood - Fireplaces for Small Spaces

I've been indulging with candlelit evenings for the past month or so. With the stress of the holidays nothing beats rolling up in a warm blanket, a cup of cocoa, and the glow of a few candles. There are days I wish I had a fireplace to set the mood, especially during the holidays. So I got to searching and found some really awesome portable fireplaces perfect for petite places.

I am going to start with my absolute favourite! Piet by Fredrick Hylten-Cavallius, is a chimney free indoor stove with gorgeous brass reflectors lining the inside. This beauty burns using ethanol fuel instead of wood which is ideal for us small space dweller since we do not have worry about storing logs. So chic. I am a definite fan!

Next is this sleek number. The Ghost Fireplace by EcoSmart Fire is strikingly elegant. Its reflective glass panels allows the fire to be seen from all angles and is a winner is a small space because it literally takes up no visual space. This almost invisible, environmentally friendly option is a winner in my books.

For the extreme space challenged, the HOTPOT from Conmoto is a great alternative. It is a mobile fireplace for your table or sideboard and almost looks like a ice bucket. This small fire pot can be carried by its handle to set the mood wherever you want. Not to mention that the fire can be extinguished by simply cover it. I likey!

Another table topper is this ceramic log shaped fireplace. Brasa Fire Avani Portable Bio Ethanol Fireplace from All Modern is a simple and modern way to set the mood. This piece can be used indoor and outdoor and has a slim stainless steel burner that instantly screams modernly chic.

For those of you who have kids or just don't like the idea of an open flame. I though this next idea was totally cute. A bit of canvas, curtain rod and some chalkboard paint and voilà! Seriously...

For now I am going to stick with my candles but maybe Santa will leave one of these in my stocking this Christmas! I'll have to wait and see.

Happy Friday #SS Dwellers!!


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