Day 4: Retro Metro Boathouse

We are at day 4 folks and this one is a little unconventional. TV host and designer, Tracy Metro's 1975 40's Harbor Master Houseboat is tiny but fitted with fun and bright pop of goodness! She has used every square inch of her space, making sure that every nook and cranny was used efficiently.

Sparing no luxury, she was able to fit a gorgeous tufted headboard and wall-mounted lamps into her crawl-in bedroom. She has proven that regardless of size you can inject personality into any space; on land or water! Watch her video as she gives us a tour of Retro Metro.


  1. Oh, I have seen these pics before, I love what she did to the boat house, its so cute!

    Rachel Ashley

    1. Hey Rach,

      Yes. This was featured on SpacesTV. She did an awesome job!

      Nike O.


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