360 Sq. Ft. Second-Floor Pied-à-Terre

This September House & Home published their small space issue, which I always anticipate because they always have tons of great idea and small space solutions. There was one feature that stood out to me because of how efficiently the designer, Deb Nelson, used her space. Deb found a perfect location for her new home decor boutique in Halifax and decided to carve out a comfortable place to call home above it.

She faced many challenges because the space was only 360 sq. ft., but she did an excellent job of making her second-floor-apartment feel bright and cozy. Let's walk through some of her tips.

Problem: An immovable load-bearing wall.

Small Space Solution: Keep the wall. lose the door. Deb could not remove the wall between her kitchen and her expanded kitchen counter/storage space because she already knocked down one wall in her tiny apartment.  To get around this she decided to maintain the flow of her kitchen by removing the door between her kitchen and her new kitchen extension. Great tip!

Problem: No room for a conventional bed.

Small Space Solution: Customize your own. Deb used two oversized storage benches as the frame to her sleeping quarters. With the addition of a mattress she created a customized bed that could doubles as a sofa when she has guests. She just adds a few pillows and she is set.

Problem: Not enough work space.

Small Space Solution: Multitasking furniture. Almost all the furniture in Deb's 360 sq. ft. gem is multifunctional and moveable. The coffee table folds up; chairs and stools can be pushed aside; and the gatefold dining table can be expanded with the addition of a leaf. This gives Deb the space she needs to spread out and discuss plans with clients.

It has been a fun week Small Space Dwellers. Be bold, live well and have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. Wow, she did a fabulous job, that is a very small space to work with!

    Rachel Ashley



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