Tufted Headboard DIY

When I first moved into my place, I bought one of those wooden box-like headboards from Ikea where the side table slides in and out from the side. It served me well, but I found that it took up too much valuable square-footage. So when I decided that it was time to freshen up my room, I knew my headboard was the first thing I wanted to tackle.

I've always wanted one of those plush tufted headboards but couldn't bring myself to coughing up the dough for it. They just seem way too expensive. So take a guess at what I decided to do.... you all are beginning to know me way too well. I figure it should be simple enough to make one. Plywood cut to size, the fabric of my choice, foam, buttons and a staple-gun. I knew I could do it!

Take a look and what came out of it. Note: If you are going to tackle a project like this be sure to tuft the fabric before stapling the fabric to the back of the plywood. It is easier to find where the holes are to string the buttons through; I learned this the hard way!

After my first try at this, I would recommend drilling the holes first and tufting the fabric before stapling it to the back of the plywood

These buttons allow you to cover buttons with any fabric

String buttons through using a special needle you can get from the fabric store. It will be fairly long with a big eye to accommodate the robe.


  1. Love this headboard Nike!
    Can you explain how you fastened the thread/rope at the back?

    1. Thanks J King! To fasten the rope to the back after threading it through the button hole I used a wooden stick. Once the string is threaded through the button and the plywood, I place the stick over the hole at the back of the headboard and tie a knot with the string to hold the tufted button in place.

      - Nike

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