12 Square Foot Office

You really don't need much space to create a functional office. When you are space challenged, a forgotten nook is all you need! A desk, chair, and a bit of pizzazz and presto!

When I moved into my place I wasn't quite sure what to do with the little corner in my bedroom that didn't seem to fit anything. After flipping through the March issue of Style at Home Mag and seeing the 'Out of the Blue' office space that was created essentially out of a notch in the wall, I realized I had something to work with!

MY 12 SQ. FT. WAS MORE THAN A CORNER TO PROP UP A MIRROR! It didn't take much to create my cute little office space. I picked up a few thrifted items, like the brass lamp and smaller picture frames (some of which I painted to freshen them up). I also picked a cool store display sign, "STRAIGHT FIT" and a manikin face that was used to display sunglasses at American Apparel. 


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